The Best Habits of Successful Remote Business Leaders

The Best Habits of Successful Remote Business Leaders

The Best Habits of Successful Remote Business Leaders

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If you are confident and ready to take more of a step away from the daily running of your business and maybe have the opportunity to travel the world or work remotely, we are laying out the best habits of successful remote business leaders to ensure everything goes smoothly and you can live the life you always wanted.


1. Having the appropriate infrastructure

Whether you have decided to give van life a try or you have your gaze set on luxury hotel rooms in Spain, ensuring that you have the technology you need to be accessible to your team when they need you is important. Taking a step back and becoming a remote business owner does not mean you are suddenly ‘uninvolved’ in the business. Your team will need to be able to communicate with you regularly, so they can continue working towards strategies, goals, and values that align with your long-term plans. You need to make sure you have regular access to a strong, stable internet connection, that you have enough equipment to work effectively, and that the environment you are working in is conducive to a productive, healthy work day.

2. Setting strong boundaries

Though you may have switched to a remote role for greater freedom or a better work-life balance, you are at risk of over-working or working unsustainable hours simply because you can. You don’t necessarily have to work the traditional 9-5 but set firm working hours for yourself. Give your team your daily contactable hours, and have regular meetings where employees can bring issues or circumstances to your attention, but be clear that outside of those hours, contact should only be for emergency situations. This allows you to actually enjoy the time and flexibility you have earned.

3. Keep learning

Embrace all the time you have reclaimed from moving to a remote system but try to remain productive. A lack of productivity can dampen our mood, affect our daily routines, and have a negative impact on our self-esteem. One of the best methods for retaining a level of productivity, even on days when your business doesn’t need you, is to seek further opportunities for learning and development. It is never too late to explore new skills, new entrepreneurial practises, or find out about new ideas that spark your interest.

4. Stay aware of and involved in industry news

It is terrifyingly easy to fall behind on innovation and new methods once you take a step back. This could cause setbacks for your business’ growth if you are behind on new strategies and tools. Develop good access to information sites and online resources to stay informed and up-to-date. Accompany this habit with regular contact and interactions with your network: maintain your connections to other professionals and your loyal customers. Stay present in the business communities you are already a part of while involving yourself in new groups, particularly ones that are focused on remote working as they will be filled with advice and experiences that could be a major benefit.

5. Enjoying in-person events

Being remote gives you a lot of freedom to explore and travel the world. This presents brilliant opportunities to attend industry and networking events anywhere, setting up roots and establishing a presence globally. It could spark global ambitions and show you if there is a market for your business overseas. Attending events that your company is involved in is important, especially to show support for your team, and to represent your brand. These are also chances to socialise, preventing feelings of loneliness and isolation that can have a negative effect on your mental health.


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