Video in the world of work? It’s about time.

Video in the world of work? It’s about time.

Video in the world of work? It’s about time.

At Prosper² we constantly strive to stay abreast of new business developments. Recently we came across a new company, Tevadis, who are aiming to drive the adoption of video within the world of work. As we look around, it’s clear that the use of video in business has generally been confined to advertising, training courses or management messages to employees. Tevadis is taking a different approach, they are bringing short, structured video technology to everyday work tasks. Their approach is to simplify record keeping and provide businesses with a way to gain a competitive advantage. After discussing their plans with Mick Hickey, the founder of Tevadis, this is what we learned.

Video in the world of work?  It’s about time…

The use of video outside work has increased dramatically across recent years, made possible by major improvements in smartphone technology and internet capacity. In the world of work however, where matters are a little more serious, day to day video use is in its infancy. With the benefit of providing visual evidence of tasks completed and the value of being able to see the “full picture” of a given situation, video has the potential to capture more comprehensive information with ease than any form or static picture will ever do. We speak much faster than we can type and many field based workers are more comfortable speaking than writing. With the Tevadis on-screen guidance for users to ensure they capture the key information, and because video is 5x more impactful on the human brain than any other communication medium* it is much easier to convey important information comprehensively and accurately. The time for video in the workplace has arrived.

Consumers want businesses to use video and will reward them for it.

In recent consumer research** using anonymous respondents balanced to represent census data, over 80% of consumers said they would find it useful to receive video content, with over 70% of consumers likely to provide a business with higher feedback scores if they did. Additionally, almost 90% of consumers associate the business use of video with one or more of the following attributes: More professional, innovative, transparent and informative.  As Mick puts it: “Don’t tell your customers how good you are – show them!”


Businesses want simplicity, compatibility, and significant added value.

Experience across many fields and organisational levels show that adoption of new ways of working are helped or hindered by some basic elements. (i) Does it deliver benefits for the user and is it easy to use? (ii) Does it add value for managers and would they support its deployment? (iii) Is it cost effective, compatible with existing systems and improve the company’s position versus its competitors?  For Tevadis, in all cases the answer is a resounding yes. For independent or small businesses the Tevadis system emails a secure video web link along with a personalised PDF summary of job details (e.g. job price estimate, job completion report, gas safety certificate etc.) which can then be forwarded directly to consumers. The user portal provides businesses with a record of activity with the ability to add discreet notes and a company logo. The system has been designed to operate on a standalone basis whilst also being compatible with in-house systems or Salesforce etc.

Video technology trusted by multinationals

Whilst Tevadis have developed their own video templates and user interface portal, they are leveraging the global vynⓇ app which was developed to serve the needs of major multinationals such as P&G, Vodafone, Danone Nutricia, Comptel Nokia etc. As Mick puts it: “We chose vyn because security, simplicity and reliability are of paramount importance to us. Our customers need to trust in the tools they use so that they, in turn, can deliver a superior experience for their customers.”

Available for all –  prioritising Domestic Trades in the first instance

Tevadis can support many different kinds of business and would be very happy to discuss your requirements. With short video Storyboards made up of 3 – 5 segments, each of c.60 seconds or less, the Domestic Trades market “storyboards” cover the most frequent tasks performed:

  • Job Report – Shows the pre, mid and end stages of a job.
  • Installation Report – Shows the pre and post job conditions, plus additional info.
  • Job Assessment and Price Estimate – Captures work, materials and pricing information
  • Customer Guidance – Shows customers how to operate, care for, or find info on items.
  • Company Intro – Explains your expertise, geography, quality and contact details.
  • Gas Safety Check – Shows appliance, flue, CO & smoke alarm condition and readings.

For more information about Tevadis, take a look at our short videos showing the tradesperson view ( and consumer view ( of Tevadis. Alternatively, you can read more at or call Mick Hickey on 07879 430755.


* Royal Neuroscience Society 2012
** SurveyMonkey, Tevadis, January 2019


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