Purpose of Prosper²

Prosper² is a membership-based business club catering exclusively to UK businesses. It provides the perfect environment for like-minded entrepreneurial and influential business owners, innovators, and founders – helping them collaborate, share opportunities and promote their businesses to a much wider audience.


The Club

Prosper² is a membership-based business club for UK businesses.


Once you become a part of the Prosper² Business Club, you enjoy specialist business benefits and services that have been uniquely tailored to help in promoting and growing your business.


As a Club member, you will gain access to our class-leading and unique points-based rewards as well as a loyalty programme which you can effectively use as part of your own marketing strategy, helping you attract, retain, and incentivise business relationships like never before.



At Prosper² we Listen, Engage and Enable at every contact point with our members.
We Listen to our members as each member’s business has a unique story or offering. We appropriately Engage with them to meet their business needs and then  Enable a strategy that best suits the member’s business.
Join today and feel the benefit of Prosper² membership in your business.


Prosper² understands that running your own business can be lonely. It can sometimes seem daunting to hold all the answers and responsibility whilst driving business growth, direction and strategy, even if things are going well.


Prosper² brings people together to support each other, share insight, expertise and create business opportunities. This support, assistance and advice can help you through a difficult day, assist you in focusing on your priorities or simply just keeping things running smoothly. 



Our members are made to feel like they are a part of our community-based approach to business relationships and networking, as they provide each other with opportunities and mutual support.


With a Prosper² membership, you will have access to all the tools and guidance necessary to support and protect your business’s operations. In addition to a network of enthusiastic entrepreneurs in our community.


The Prosper² Rewards Programme

Prosper² Rewards® is a market-leading, award winning, open-loop rewards programme. This offers you the freedom to spend your points worldwide wherever you see the Mastercard logo.

As a member, you can use Prosper² Rewards® to create your own loyalty programme to reward your most-valued customers and suppliers for their business, generating brand loyalty and improved customer satisfaction. With each redeemed Prosper² Point worth £1, your customers and suppliers can use their points to enjoy whatever they want!

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10 Reasons to Join Prosper²

There are numerous reasons why a business would benefit from membership. Of these, we have identified ten common reasons and concluded you should have three compelling reasons to join for us to deliver value and impact your business.


Think about your three reasons and Join Now!





















What the Prosper² Community say

“As an independent electrical wholesaler, using Prosper² Rewards allows us to create a loyalty and reward program that’s as good as if not better than any of the national wholesalers who are also suppliers into many of our customers.

The freedom to create a program to suit us and our budget and reward our customers accordingly means I can allow all my clients big or small to get involved and benefit.”

Dan Mooney
Founder and Managing Director

“The Prosper² Rewards Program makes absolute sense if you are looking at increasing expansion business and generating more high quality leads. At Spectra we have seen exactly that, more repeat business from our customers and an increase in recommendations for our services. The team behind the Rewards Card are exceptional too, at understanding your business, your aims and importantly for me, your culture. The organisations that Prosper² have introduced us to are the exact type of businesses we want to work with.”

Matthew Lowe
Founder and Managing Director

“I can highly recommend Prosper², great customer service, connecting to others, excellent specialist services available which have helped improve my own value, confidence and business – Sue has been great!”

Jackie Radford
Founder and Managing Director


Prosper Squared (UK) Limited is registered in England & Wales, Company Number 09535801. Registered Address 843 Finchley Road, London NW11 8NA.


Prosper² and Prosper Rewards are trademarks of Prosper Limited a company registered in the Isle of Man, Company Number 130772C. Registered Address Ports of Call, Bay View Road, Port St Mary, Isle of Man, IM9 5AE.


The Prosper² Prepaid Mastercard is issued by Moorwand Ltd (FCA reference no. 900709), a principal member of Mastercard International Incorporated. Mastercard is a registered trademark and the design of the circles in the logo is a registered trademark of Mastercard International Incorporated.


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